Social Media

Extra information about chinese social media

Social media is a new age phenomenon on the Internet. No longer social media is confined to any one platform. china social network has emerged out to be the world's most valued social network. 

The competition is fierce and with the rise of these platforms, Facebook can no longer claim to be the most influential social network today.

Extra information about chinese social media

Advantages of Using Social Media

The idea of a social media began some years ago, but not more than a decade ago, and since then, it has only blossomed unbelievably. There are millions of people who are now involved with social media, and this is all fueled by their different levels of interest on the web. There are many advantages of using this mode of communication and connections.

Social Networking

Social Media has given a platform for social networking and linked millions of people globally on the Internet. People engage in social networking for a variety of reasons. Some people simply want to reconnect with old friends while others want to meet new people. Others simply make use of social networking for common thinking and ideologies.

A Powerful Business Tool

Social Media has redefined business and marketing strategy. Whether it is a small business or a billion-dollar trade, all commerce relies heavily on social media marketing and promotion to reach millions of people worldwide. Indeed, there are few social media networks that are right on top in this regard, and businesses are investing significant amounts to boost themselves there. They realize the tremendous impact advertisement in such places can have and what the eventual result can be.

There are numerous other advantages such as media outlets operating online channels on social media, people having their own video logs channel and today social media is a medium where people have access to debates, researches, happening around the world and be part of a global village.

The Rise of the chinese social media

Chinese Social Media has had overwhelming success in a very short time. Prior to Chinese social networking, the only social network platform widely accepted was Facebook, but when Chinese Social Media came along, it set the tone of social networking. Never before had a network online has seen so many members. In fact, members of from other sites migrated to Chinese Social Media after they saw what was being offered. The number one thing that attracted users were the safety level. The other thing was the look and the mode of presentation.

Chinese social media appeared to be far unique and professional too. This is the reason many businesses chose to immediately have their companies represented on this social network.

Popular Chinese Social Media

Chinese technology giant Tencent, is a popular social media channel, a platform that has ousted Facebook today in market share. Chinese has a dominance in world commerce and has huge populations that make social media platforms like Tencent a roaring success and new-age social media options to look out for. Tencent's most used social media platform by far is WeChat. It had over 900 million users and is a social network site that except for social networking also allows business payments online. Today, WeChat is a synonym for social networking success.

Another successful social media networking site that allows Chinese users to share and post videos, blogs, images and run live streams is Qzone. The social media platform went online in 2005 and quickly became China's biggest social media network.